I wish everyone have a great year

December 31st, 2018

Say Goodbye to Compression Garments after Dr. Cheng’s Lymphedema Microsurgery

It couldn’t have been better to wrap up the year with great success on several challenging and complicated cases of lymphedema microsurgery this month. I thank my surgical team for their hard work and tireless efforts to perform those difficult operations with me. Thank you very much – Jean, Rogi, Judy, and Courtney! I would also like to want to thank my mentors, staffs, residents, fellows, colleagues, research team, and friends for the great support and friendship throughout the year. I have had 18 papers being accepted or published this year, 16 of them were first or corresponding author. Two were published in the prestigious surgical journal- Annals of Surgery. Wish you good health, happiness, and success in 2019. Happy New Year!
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